Speaking 52

    Speaking 1Speaking 2
    Learning to decide promptly what to say and what NOT to say in response to questions A similar agenda to Speaking 1
    Learning how to manage the thoughts and ideas occurring to candidates when facing unfamiliar questions The topics in the curriculum include talking about:
    Unique text files containing upper-intermediate to advanced categorised vocabulary, phrasal verbs, idiomatic expressions and metaphors in natural contextsbooks, newspapers and magazines, films, TV, the media, animals and the wildlife, nature and the environment, weather and climate, clothes and fashion, money and shopping, sleep
    Offering unique ‘audio’ files to help save candidates the bother of looking up the new words and phrases in the supplied text files
    Categorised vocabulary and ideas required for common part 2 topics
    Training candidates to use words flexibly to describe a variety of subjects
    Practical grammatical structures and patterns to use in the IELTS Speaking
    Individual runs for each part of the test, followed by corrections
    Strategies and mind-sets toward ‘fluency’ accompanied by practical solutions
    Corrections include comments on fluency, intonation and pronunciation, diction and structure range
    On-the-exam-day interaction with the examiner.
    Thorough feedback and correction for as many as 40 to 50 audio assignments over a 6-7 week period, covering all three parts of the test
    One FREE speaking mock test prior to the candidates’ actual test day
    The topics in the curriculum include talking about:
    personal information, likes and dislikes, work, studies, home, hometown, city life, feelings, travel, future plans, success and failure, food and eating, sports and games, health, people and character, places, objects, situations

    Course Curriculum

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    • 1,500,000 تومان
    • * REQUIRES Placement
    • 24 hours
    • 9 SEATS

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