Grammar ControlLexical ControlReadingWritingListeningSpeaking
Compound formation (intermediate) High frequency collocations with ‘hot’ verbs (intermediate) Understanding the writer’s view and attitude in the Reading Skill Sentence formation and variety Basic transcribing activities Building up candidates’ confidence in the Speaking Skill
Sentence formation (intermediate) Vocabulary for a wider range of topics Paraphrasing’ in the Reading Skill (intermediate) Linkers and cohesive devices Remembering word orders Talking about basic concepts and past experiences with a reasonable amount of detail (Intermediate)
Sentence patterns (intermediate) A wider range of adjectives/ adverbs Referencing’ in the Reading Skill (intermediate) Factual and opinion based sentences Repeating one whole sentence Detail generation
Tenses (intermediate) Common phrasal verbs Guessing the meaning of known words Paragraph writing Listening for specific information Wider use of vocabulary
Passive voice and the advanced applications Basic idiomatic language Basic suffixes and prefixes Use of pronouns Grammar control during speech
Relative clauses: a more extensive use. Locating the right paragraph containing specific information Word and sentence stress practice
Comparative / superlative forms and other related patterns Intonation practice
A more extensive practice of modal verbs: the present and past forms
Nouns/adjectives prepositions

Course Curriculum

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  • 850,000 تومان
  • * REQUIRES Placement
  • 4 weeks
  • 9 SEATS

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